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PRODUCTS: Fasteners and More

Perine Danforth's quality system assures you get the quality part you need, when you need it.

Our fully bar-coded inventory has helped us to achieve a 99.8% accuracy rate and we have full traceability on every part we sell. Perine Danforth maintains a large inventory of U.S. standard, metric and stainless steel fasteners in our 35,000 square foot, fully bar-coded warehouse, helping reduce backorders and the need for multiple suppliers on your fastener and “C” class component items.

By choosing the optimum shipping location from among our several facilities, we are also able to keep our customers' freight costs down and reduce lead times. Special requirements are no problem at Perine Danforth. Our wealth of industry experience allows us to source your specials quickly, and ensure you get the quality you expect.

Perine Danforth handles a wide variety of products from many quality manufacturers, including:


Allen - Hand Tools

Armstrong Tool - Hand Tools
Associated Spring
Associated Spring - Springs
WM Berg
Berg - Precision Components

Bossard - Metric Fasteners
Camcar - Socket Products
Chicago Hardware
Chicago Hardware - Hardware Eye Bolts, U-Bolts, Turnbuckles

EZ Lok
E-Z Lok - Threaded Inserts

Flexloc - Lock Nuts

GreerGreer - Lock Nuts
Holokrome - Socket Products
InfascoInfasco - Steel Fasteners
Jergens - Inserts, Hoist Rings, Tooling Components

Lee Spring
Lee Springs - Springs
Lyntron - Spacers, Standoffs, Captive Screws

Marson - Rivets, Rivet Nuts
Micro Plastics
Micro Plastics - Nylon Fasteners
Murray - Hose Clamps

N-D Industries
N-D Industries - Self Locking Screws
Nucor Fastener - Steel Fasteners
Parker Kalon
Parker Kalon - Self Drilling Screws
PIC Design
PIC Design - Precision Components
RAF - Spacers, Standoffs, Captive Screws
Recoil - Threaded Inserts
Red Head
Red Head - Mechanical and Epoxy Anchors
Seastrom - Precision Stampings
SPS Technologies
SPS Technologies - Socket Products

Unbrako - Socket Products
UC Components
U-C Components - Vented Screws
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Perine Danforth is the combination of John Perine Co. and Danforth Screw & Bolt             Sister company:   Fasco Fasteners, Alsip, Ill.